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Winter Drive 2014 | Purist Group x AutoCon x Hankook Tires | Photo Gallery

Winter Drive is a huge toy drive that is organized and hosted by Purist Group and AutoCon which started out last year. With the overwhelming success from last years toy drive, bringing in over $140,000 worth of toys and donations for the less fortunate, we knew the 2014 event was going to be bigger and better. Hankook Tires joined the teams efforts generously donation their time and headquarters to host the event.

It’s really amazing to see how generous this group of “car guys” can be, filling their arms with toys and gifts for Reach Out World Wide to distribute to those in need. Everyone was in the holiday spirit and it was contagious. People rolled deep with their friends and some brought the family out to be a part of such a positive event. Volunteers, sponsors, and everyone there was ready to lend a hand where ever they could for a great cause. This group of people are like family when they come together, and we are very honored to be a part of such a respectful community.

Here are some photos from big day that Doug was able to capture. Enjoy.

It doesn’t take deep pockets to be generous, and there are lots of people who are less fortunate. Be kind, patient, and even a little can go a long way. Happy Thanksgiving.