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Scion Pre-SEMA Unveiling | Mack Sennett Studios | Highlight Photos

Welcome back!

Earlier this evening, we were fortunate enough to be invited to a Pre-SEMA unveiling event hosted by Scion held at the Mack Sennett Studio in the hip Silver Lake neighborhood. At this event, we were all given a first look at some of the builds that will be on their way to Las Vegas in a few days for the SEMA Show, which is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

We were most interested in 3 particular Scion’s though, which were the 3 Scion FR-S’ that were competing in this years Scion Tuner Challenge. It’s an awesome competition where 3 selected teams have one specific car to modify and build with a budget of $15,000 and only a few months to make it all happen.

The 3 teams selected to participate in this years competition included Super Street Magazine, The Speed Hunters, and GT Channel. All  with their own visions and creativity, this was going to be an intense battle with 3 unique styles of modification. The 3 builds did not disappoint.

Enjoy the first look at this years Scion Tuner Challenge cars set to be judged and awarded live at the SEMA Show in Vegas next week!

The Speed Hunters build was very eye-catching with it’s retro-look, complete with hood louvers, fender mirrors, and their TRD inspired livery.

Scion Pre SEMA-001

Yes, they have air jacks. That’s a ton of bonus points in our books.

Scion Pre SEMA-002

Scion Pre SEMA-003

Scion Pre SEMA-004

Scion Pre SEMA-005

Scion Pre SEMA-006

Scion Pre SEMA-007

Scion Pre SEMA-008

Scion Pre SEMA-009

Here we have the GT Channel FR-S. This team went with a very functional and JDM-theme. New Volk Racing ZE40s, an HKS super charger, and lots of carbon fiber give this FR-S a really clean look. This is easily a car that could be at SEMA one week and then at Super Lap Battle the next.

Scion Pre SEMA-010

Scion Pre SEMA-011

Scion Pre SEMA-012

Scion Pre SEMA-013

And last, but not least, we have the Super Street Magazine FR-S.

Scion Pre SEMA-014

Boom, the first FR-S with ITBs in the United States. Paired with a clean wire tuck by RyWire, this engine bay was a huge attention-grabber. The molded Rocket Bunny wide-body fenders were a very nice touch as well as the side skirts and winglets on the front bumper.

Scion Pre SEMA-015

Scion Pre SEMA-016

Scion Pre SEMA-017

Scion Pre SEMA-018

Those 3 FR-S competitors were the highlight of the event, but there were other awesome builds in attendance, like this “Slayer” Scion tC with working Marshall amps that will actually be used for a live Slayer concert at SEMA.

Scion Pre SEMA-019

Scion Pre SEMA-020

Here we get the first look at the FRST1 that features a targa top!

Scion Pre SEMA-021

Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk was in attendance with the Skate Touring xB. Very retro and functional with skateboard organizers to keep his decks tidy.

Scion Pre SEMA-022

Scion Pre SEMA-023

Scion Pre SEMA-24

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Pre-SEMA unveiling! It was awesome to be invited to such an event and to get a first-look at these amazing SEMA builds. SEMA is next week and we’ll have some coverage for you guys, so be sure to check back with us soon!

Thank you again for the hospitality, Scion! Always appreciated!