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Blox Evolution Car Show | Pier 70 San Francisco | Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Blox Evolution Evo 1 car show in San Francisco. If you missed out on Part 1, you can check out the photos right here – Blox Evolution Part 1.

We will just jump right into the photos for the awesome car event in the Bay at historic Pier 70.



Two very buff LS-swapped Mazda FD RX-7s next to the Inspire USA booth inside the ship yard. Not everyone is going to like it when owners do cross-platform swaps, but we’re fans.



Who can’t appreciate a clean R32 Skyline on Mag Blue Volk Racing TE-37s?


K-powered Civic sedan on beefy slicks to get all that power down.


Great looking EK from ATS Garage with Mugen MF10 wheels and a K-swap as well.


VIP cars were in the mix of engine-swaps and stanced cars.


This Honda Grom caught my eye with that turbo that didn’t come like that from the factory. It’s great seeing local shops represented at shows not in their area. Steady Garage is our local two-wheel shop right here in El Monte and do some amazing work with these things.


This 5-spoke Rays wheel really caught my eye on this Acura Integra. We’re used to seeing TE-37s and CE28s, so seeing this 5-design got me curious. I asked Brian from Mackin, the US distributor of Rays, Volks, Advans, if he had any information on this wheel and he said that this one was made for Ford Racing Development. Another friend said that this mold design was very prolific, making appearance with names like Mazdaspeed and Ralliart. This wheel looked great with the Spoon Sports brake caliper behind it.




Plenty of power and traction in this line up of AWD boosting machines.Rays, Varis, Voltex, all fitted properly.


The awesome crowd enjoying the entertainment on stage inside the ship yard.


IMG_6334That’s it for part 2 of our Blox Evolution coverage. We still have plenty of photos to share, so check back often for the next part.

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