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Blox Evolution Car Show | Pier 70 San Francisco | Part 1

It’s not too common that we go all the way up to the bay area for a car event, but we had a feeling this event was not to be missed, and it certainly did not disappoint. There’s definitely something different about San Francisco, something that Los Angeles doesn’t have. The vibe, the people, the food and bars, just a different feel that’s a little more relaxed and easy going.

This was our first time to Norcal for a car show, and it was one not to miss. According to the Blox website, their show, Evolution, “is a unique concept that encompasses many different elements. Starting off as BLOX OPEN HOUSE, the event quickly became one of the best shows in the Nation. Working off the Japanese concept of “Kaizen”, a philosophy focusing on continuous improvement, they knew they had to evolve into something bigger than themselves.”

Held at a very historic San Francisco location at Pier 70, the old shipyard was a fantastic location and provided a rustic and awesome backdrop for photos.

Food trucks, vendors, and a diverse collection of San Francisco’s finest greeted everyone as guests make their way down the hill to get to inside the venue.


An Infinity G, a 70s Audi on air, and an old ship yard.


It was an outdoor and indoor event with more vendors, vendor vehicles, and the main state inside the old ship yard. The first thing you see is this aggressive Skyline R35 equipped with gold TE-37 wheels and a Liberty Walk wide body kit.


This is an S2000-swapped first gen RX-7, complete with Mugen M7 wheels.



There were a good amount of Toyota Supra’s in attendance, and this one quickly caught our attention sitting on Work Equip wheels and a fat intercooler up front.


What an eclectic mix of cars with the Fairlady Z, Mazda RX-8, and Hyundai.




The Le Twins hanging out at the model lounge.


I’ve always wanted to see the Speed Element, local car shop, Rocket Bunny fitted FRS on Work Wheels in person and it was beautiful. Pictures don’t really do it justice.


We were really big fans of this Honda Grom built by Steady Garage, a local scooter shop in El monte with really great guys who know their stuff.We loved the MotoGP Honda works testing bike theme they had going on with the Repsol orange wheels. The Ohlins rear shock, ASV levers, and brake level cover were great touches to complete the MotoGP theme.






There was plenty of action in the parking area and things were heating up on the main stage inside the ship yard.




That completes Part 1 of our coverage of Evolution 1 presented by Blox in San Francisco. We have a lot more photos to share, so stay tuned for the next installment.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far.