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Nismofest 2013 | Fuji Speedway, Japan | Teaser Photos

Thanks to Richard from Garage Spec Motorsports in Japan, we are able to share some photos with you from Nismofest. Held at Fuji Speedway, Nismofest is an annual festival that is put on by Nissan’s motorsports division that gathers some of the most iconic Nissan’s together for a big celebration.

Here are some teaser photos from Nismofest through Rich’s perspective!

Amazing to see a R35 Skyline side-by-side with a DR30 down the front straightaway of Fuji Speedway.

nismo 149

nismo 213

nismo 311

Another beautiful Nissan DR30 Skyline.nismo 348

The JGTC Nismo R34 Skyline GT-R

nismo 383

nismo 451

nismo 497

A gorgeous line up of Nissan Skyline’s.

nismo 580

Rich took a lot of great photos for us to share, so stop by again soon for more from Nismofest 2013. For more awesome content from Japan, be sure to follow Rich on Instagram (@garagespec).