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Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle | Buttonwillow Raceway Park | Teaser Photos

I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, but the action at the Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway Park earlier today was too awesome not to share some photos with you fans. The weather was cool and mild, the sun was out, and the grid was full of cars anxious to get out of the track to see who could get the fastest lap time in their class. It was an awesome day to hang out at the track with some of the most passionate car enthusiasts around.

Formula D drifter Dai Yoshihara piloting the 2JZ powered Lexus IS340.


We saw tons of photos of this beast that was just at SEMA at the Turbos by Garrett booth. Great to see a SEMA car go from the show to the track just like that.


The grid for the Group A. These are the big boys.


Our good buddy Will behind the wheel of the WWR 240 out there doing well. He was one second away from breaking the record in his class, but a bad clutch slave costed him a lot of time and made it difficult for him to put together a clean hot lap.


Mike Chang from Evasive Motorsports getting it done in their time-attack beast.



Another face familiar in the Formula D paddock was Tyler McQuarrie, who was getting things done in the Platte Forme a.g. e46, the limited-class RWD record holder from last year.


It was not a good day for the Evasive FR-S.


Tony Jackson hard on the brakes going into the off cramp.


Brand new wide fenders from Victory Function on the Gates 311/AMS Evo X. Expect to see a lot of great products from this company in the near future. Designed by a group of engineers who are also big car buffs.


The limited-class record holder from Platte Forme a.g.


Tony Jackson showing us he’s still got it.





Congrats to the Platte Forme a.g. team for a successful day at Super Lap Battle. They managed to run a 1:48 before blowing their diff that ended their day in the early afternoon. That time got them the win in the limited RWD class, the overall fastest car in the limited class, and also the fastest car of the day period. A big win for them.


Toan from Platte Forme showing us how he likes to celebrate such an eventful and successful day at Buttonwillow.


What happens during the awards ceremonies. Who doesn’t love a good champagne shower after a long day at the track?


We got plenty of photos to go through and post, so be sure to check back with us soon! Thanks for stopping by!