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The Race to Super Sunday | Visiting Steady Garage | Highlight Photos

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we are having here in sunny Southern California! I’m not particularly a fan of anything over 70 degrees, but apparently this weather is what everyone around the country wishes they had, so I guess I should learn to like it rather than complain about it.

Anyways, I heard about this big annual scooter event that draws in crowds locally and from around the country that was going to be held in Rancho Cucamonga called Super Sunday. This huge event used to be held at The Hat, a local old-fashioned burger joint, just a few blocks away from me, but since they had grown so much over the past 4 years, needed a larger location to accommodate. My buddy Wilson and his buddies from Steady Garage in El Monte were 4 days away from Super Sunday and it was crunch time for them, wrenching into the late hours of the night to meet their deadline. They invited me over to hang out around 11pm, so of course I took some gear with me and headed over. Here are some shots I got from Steady Garage.

Sparks were flying, but they were the good kind.

Steady Garage-001

Steady Garage-002

Steady Garage-003

Steady Garage-004


I remember seeing this Honda Metro at Alpinestars in Torrance during Ruckout and it was definitely an eye-catcher. Steady Garage-005

Steady Garage-006


Every mechanic has had the same look on Kevin’s face at one point or another. Steady Garage-007

Steady Garage-008


Error 404: No F”s given.Steady Garage-009


Clean Yoshimura carbon fiber exhaust pipe on Wilson’s clean Honda Ruckus.Steady Garage-010

Steady Garage-011


This new demo Zuma 125 was racing to make it’s debut at the show.Steady Garage-012

Steady Garage-013

Steady Garage-014


Who puts a fattie on the front like that? Crazy!Steady Garage-015


You couldn’t tell it was almost 2am right here. Everyone is still marching on as if it was still normal working hours.Steady Garage-016I wasn’t able to make it out to Super Sunday unfortunately, but I heard great things about it and definitely feel like I missed out on a great event.

Thank you, Steady Garage, for your hospitality that night. I felt very welcomed and I hope I didn’t get in any of your guys’ way with all my gear. I wish I could have stayed for the dyno portion of the late night, but you guys are too hardcore for me. I’ll definitely be back since you’re so close by, so no worries.

If you’re riding this weekend, be safe and keep the rubber side down!