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Introducing Photographer Danny Yau, New Contributor from Scotland

As a source of automotive and automotive lifestyle photography in Los Angeles, we’d like to thank all of you fans for your support and your motivation. We try and do our best to make it out as many events as we can and to shoot the cars you’d like to see through our perspective. Our small team can only do so much, but we have been entertaining the idea of growing our team with some extra contributors who share the same passion for photography as we do.

We’ve seen a few portfolio’s so far, but one has certainly stood out from the bunch, which belonged to UK-based photographer Danny Yau. After reviewing his work with cars, models, and chatting with him, we could easily see the drive and passion he had for photography.

So now, we’d like to proudly introduce to you our first contributing photographer, Danny Yau, with his shot of this Integra Type-R.

His first blog post will be a little about his background and the automotive lifestyle that’s in his area so everyone can get to know him better. Expect to see some great work through his perspective on our site and Facebook Fan Page soon and throughout the many months to come.

Welcome to the team, Danny.

Danny N.