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Model Shoot with Holly Lee | Highlight Photos

Doug and I had the opportunity to shoot some photos with model Holly Lee a couple of weeks ago to promote our first run of JDM Zip Ties T-shirts. We’ve worked with a few models in the past, but it’s been a while since we’ve worked with one in the studio. We’ve learned a few new things with lighting and this was a perfect time to try some of those tricks and techniques out.

Of course, we weren’t going to try these things out with her here, so we spent a couple of hours before hand setting things up so that we’d be quick and efficient once she was on the set. And, of course, we had to goof off while testing lighting configurations and other calibrations.  Why not have a little fun while working, right? So before we get to the photos with the awesome Holly Lee, we’ll show you some of the fun we were having before she arrived.

The Visionary.

The Bauce.

The Muscle.

The Wheel-men.

The Holly Lee.

Russell stopped by to see if we needed any assistance today. 

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Thank you Mike from Motor Mavens for helping us out that night. It couldn’t have happened without your help.

Hope you enjoyed something a little different from what we are normally sharing. It’s a little different from the automotive coverage that you’re used to from us, but a good different (we hope). Who knows, maybe we’ll photograph more models in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.