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K_Johnston’s Spooncraft S2000 | Highlight Photos

After months of online bromancing through Instagram, we finally were able to put a face to user name K_Johnston. What people do know is his aggressive Honda s2000 with a Spoon Sports front bumper and fancy Mooncraft hardtop. It just so happened that Karl was friends with Sam Ip and that Sam was free to hang out with us today, which was a bonus. He’s been shooting a lot and it’s really amazing how fast and far he’s come along since the time I shot with him to what feels like only months ago.

Enjoy these highlight photos of one of the most well-known S2000s on the interwebs.

Can’t go wrong with gold Volk Racing TE37s, especially in that aggressive fitment.

That Spoon monoblock calipers for that stopping power when he needs it.

That fitment once again.

A closer look at the Spoon Sports front bumper for this S2000.

Rocking our gold oil decal that changes to colors we’ve never seen ourselves.

Sam Ip doing work with his Canon 70-200mm Mark 2 and popping strobes to get dramatic.

After our shoot, we went over to a local tea house to get boba and ran into Ken and Big Red. We couldn’t fight the urge and had to bust out the strobes again to do a shoot with all 3 cars. More of those photos to come very soon!

Hope you enjoyed.