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Tangerine Dreams | Meng’s Scion FR-S | Lime Light

Is it crazy that I had a picture of Meng’s yellow Integra Type-R before I even met him? Well, it’s 100% true. Before JDM Zip Ties started, I spent countless amounts of hours behind the monitor poking around the interwebs looking at how awesome automotive photography became. I would save photos here and there that stood out to me, and one of the first ones I saved was Meng’s car.

One day earlier this year, a buddy of mine I shoot with shared a photo of a burger he was eating as part of his quest to find the best burger in the area, and I noticed he tagged a name that sounded familiar. After a little bit of stalking on Facebook, I realized that his friend Meng Tea that he was eating that burger with was the same Meng Tea that owned that Yellow Type-R I had a photo of in my iPhone. What a small world! Turns out that my buddy grew up with Meng and in April, he introduced us to him, which was the night we shot his IS-300 and his brothers Scion xB. That one late and chilly night in Downtown Los Angeles has led us to many great times already with many more things in store for us.

It wasn’t long after that shoot that they sold their cars and bought the brand-new Scion FR-S. With their big plans for their cars and their new photographer friends, we knew we were going to be hanging out a lot.

Meng got his FR-S less than 6 months ago and has had many milestones already. It’s been on the dyno, drag raced in Irwindale, auto-crossed at Autoclub Speedway, and has seen a handful of handsome modifications before its second oil change. What is pretty awesome is that we were able to document a lot his build from pretty much day one. Seeing how far it’s come in such a short amount of time is quite amazing.

He did a lot of research and put a lot of time and thought into the planning of his build and it’s definitely paying off.

Thanks for giving us the exclusive opportunity to shoot your car before anyone else, Meng! I hope these photos came out the way you imagined.

You’ve all seen plenty of photos of his Hot Lava FR-S from us, but please allow us to reintroduce it.

If you ever see a Hot Lava FR-S on Enkei RPF1’s in the San Gabriel Valley, you can almost bet that it’s Meng piloting the properly-stanced machine. Meng ditched the stock wheels for the “SBC” finished Enkei RPF1’s. Apparently, it’s only 1 of 40 available sets in that lug pattern and finish at the moment and that classic wheel hasn’t ever looked better. The fitment and stance on his car is perfect, running Falken tires on his 18×9.5 wheels all around. It’s a meaty stance for sure. The titanium tip of the ARK Performance exhaust adds a nice contrast to the bold orange color of this Scion. Meng rocks a couple of Southrnfresh decals and gives props to his boys back in Atlanta.

A closer look at the Downforce USA carbon fiber lip that gives the car a subtle but aggressive look to the car.

It’s like a brand new wheel with this finish.

A closer look at the ARK Performance Grip exhaust and the Hotchkis sway bar that Meng rocks under the car.

A special color-matched OEM Audio + System 400+ subwoofer is fitted into his trunk for crisp, clean audio experience as he cruises in his FR-S.

For some people, achieving all of this would complete the build. As for Meng, it’s just the beginning. He’s got a lot more plans for this car and I must try and not spoil it. It’s been a pleasure covering this build from the start, and we intend on sticking with it and documenting it as it progresses.

Meng would like to give a big thanks and shout out to those who have helped him with his build:

MV Designz

Downforce USA

Beat Sonic USA

OEM Audio Plus

ARK Performance

Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Falken Tire

GT Covers

Megan Racing

Downstar Inc


Earners Clothing

We hope you guys have enjoyed this feature and definitely count on more.